A Tonsurous Experience

At the outset, let me tell you that this is not an experience I liked.  I really don’t understand why should kids be mottai-adichified. Anyways, this happened a couple of years ago and the tale had to be told for the benefit of other kutti pasangal who should be forewarned.

That’s my dad carrying my sister, Krithya and me.  I’m on the right.   This was taken just before we left for the Vadapalani temple.

Just look at the tresses.  Everyone loves them. Especially my Dad and Mom… which is why I’m surprised it was them who decided to remove them.  Parents…. I tell you!!

I was under the impression that we were supposed to go to the temple.  Yes, we did go to the temple but my folks took me straight to this place which didn’t look like a temple.

There was this morose looking guy.  There were lots of other kids screaming their throats hoarse.

They then made me sit on a wooden plank and this guy took some sort of knife.

And then the painful part of the entire experience started.  I started screaming and to kick around. My Dad and grandfather help me tight while the guy began to shave my head.

My mom tells me that it only took 5 minutes but to me it felt like years.  That’s my mom soothing me.

I then sprung back to my bubbly naughty self soon.  That’s me with my thatha’s  specs.

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